That DWI Could Cost You A Down Payment on a Car


We all know the emotional damage, injury, and death can result from driving while intoxicated. The monetary damage from getting a DWI, however, is also huge, and it is often overlooked.

Assuming this is your first offense and you find a pretty inexpensive lawyer, you’re going to have to pay a minimum of $2,500 in fees. Think of all of the things you could do and buy with $2,500!

DWI attorney fees are (at minimum) equal to:


Almost a 25% down payment on a new Hyundai Accent

There are many additional costs of getting a DWI. $2,500 does not even include the cost of towing your car, paying for alternate transportation while your license is suspended, higher insurance premiums, and the impact a DWI on your record could have on getting a job in the future. Taking the risk of drinking and driving instead of spending a little money on a cab or calling someone for a ride isn’t worth all of this.


2525 iTunes downloads


500 $5 Foot Long subs from Subway or $5 Pizza Mia pizzas from Pizza Hut


17 pairs of designer jeans


A trip to Cancun at an all-inclusive resort for you and 3 of your friends


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