Auto Emergency Window Breakers

With any luck, you’ll never need a window breaker for your car. All the same, they offer affordable peace of mind that you’ll have exactly what you need if you find yourself trapped in a car after an accident. We’ve done a little research and found several quality emergency tools designed for that purpose.


Bodygard 5-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool
Price: $19.95

While it may seem a little bulky for a keychain, the Bodygard 5-in-1 Auto Emergency Tool is relatively tiny for something that could save your life. Equipped with a sonic alarm, LED flashlight, seatbelt cutter, distress flasher, and emergency window breaker, the tiny device is definitely an ambitious multi-tasker.

If you’re a woman, or if you have a teenage daughter, the Bodygard’s alarm and flashlight features may be especially comforting. Fumbling for keys in the dark leaves you vulnerable for longer than necessary, so it’s nice to have a flashlight close at hand. The alarm could be very handy in the event of an attack, as studies have shown that drawing attention to yourself can greatly increase the odds that an attacker will run away.

As far as the emergency tool’s distress flasher is concerned, we’re guessing that you’d be better served by a larger product that’s actually meant for that purpose. LEDs are powerful, but we’d definitely want greater visibility than this if we were stuck on the side of the road somewhere.


  • Affordable, multi-purpose auto emergency tool.
  • The fact that convenience features are mixed with safety features increases the likelihood that it will be carried.
  • Release mechanism allows you to remove it from your keychain easily if necessary.
  • The keychain ensures that it’s right there by the driver when needed


  • At 1.75″ wide x 3″ long, it’s slightly bulky.
  • The distress flasher could be better.

Where to Buy:

Auto Emergency Tool at Vat19

. pilot-5-in-1-emergency-hammer.jpg Pilot 5-in-1 Emergency Hammer
Price: $18.73Although traditional, Lifehammer-style window breakers have been around for a while now, this one adds some much-needed upgrades.In addition to the usual window breaker, seatbelt cutter, and mounting bracket, the Pilot 5-in-1 Emergency Hammer includes a needle for deflating deployed airbags. Considering that an airbag can deploy in even relatively minor accidents, that’s a very handy feature. Once the initial impact is over, you certainly don’t need the airbag in your way.The emergency hammer also comes with an added whistle, which could be helpful in getting attention if you’re immobilized and the horn isn’t working.


  • The airbag-deflating needle is a great addition.
  • The mounting bracket ensures it will always be nearby in an emergency.


  • You have to mount it in your car.
  • If you drive an unfamiliar car, you won’t have it on hand.

Where to Buy:

Pilot Auto Emergency Tool JC Whitney

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