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Leaders in online driver training got into the online driving training business many years ago and run a high quality operation. They’re definitely one of the premier online training providers.

They offer 24×7 customer service as well as a free preview of their online course. In fact, you can take 20% of their online course before having to pay anything. So, you owe it to yourself to check them out before signing up with anyone else. You will have to sign up and give them a little personal info and your email address in order to take the demo.

The course is available in both Flash and HTML formats. We could never get the Flash version to load (yes, we have the latest version of the plugin and we tried it in multiple browsers on multiple computers). It simply stalls on the “Audio Channel 6 Loading” page. So, we had to test the HTML version.

Anyway, the course uses text, still pictures, a few video clips, case studies and quizzes to prepare your teen. Please note that the video clips are taken from the Road Skillz DVD.

The course starts each lesson with a quiz in order to assess your knowledge. This is a way for you to see before the lesson even starts what areas of your study need improving. The lesson material is then presented in a series of screens. At the end of the lesson, you are presented with the same quiz. If you pass, you can move on to the next section.

Price: From $39.95 to $99 depending upon your state. Most states are $99, however.


  • Live chat support while taking the course in case you run into any problems.
  • Pre-lesson quizzes highlight areas of interest for the upcoming lesson.


  • Somewhat boring despite the animations and occasional video.
  • They include advertisements for their other services in the online course. For instance, there are virtual billboards in some of the traffic animations that ask, “Got a ticket? Go to”. There’s nothing technically “wrong” with this, it just felt a little odd.

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