Florida D.A.T.A. Course Review

Required course for all new drivers in Florida

All new drivers in the state of Florida must complete the D.A.T.A (Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness) course before applying for their license. The class is a four hour course that can be taken online.

All providers offer the exact same course

The American Safety Council has secured approval for their DATA course by the Florida DHSMV and they sub-license it out to any company that wishes to provide it. They offer a system in which the course provider can “skin” the American Safety Council’s course website to look like that course provider’s site.

Take a look at the screenshots below…they all sort of look similar, don’t they?

How to tell if your provider is offering the ASC course

If you want to know if the course provider is using this course, see if their sign-up page looks anything like the screenshots above. You can also look at your address bar on the sign-up page. It will change from the course provider’s web site to something that looks like this: https://home.uceusa.com/registration/…

Don’t get us wrong. This isn’t a bad thing.

We just want you to be aware that if you check out a particular provider and they talk about the cool animations and the interactive quizzes that are available in their course, you may be misled (if you’re a Florida resident). The course provider isn’t lying to you. Their course does have those cool animations and interactive quizzes. But, as a Florida resident, you’ll probably be taking the DATA course from the American Safety Council and not that provider’s course.

Our assessment of the course

The Florida DATA course is extremely boring and tedious. It’s basically torture. We’re fairly confident, however, that taking the online version will be less painless for your teen than sitting in an actual classroom.

The course is filled with page after page of text followed by true/false and multiple choice quizzes. The course is also “timed”. It basically has a running counter for however long you’re logged into the course. So, unless you actually have the window open for a total of four hours, it won’t let you finish even if you’re a fast reader and have answered all the questions correctly. But, hey, this is still probably better than having to sit in a four hour long class. In fact, I’m positive it is.

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