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TeenDrivingCourse.com boasts that their course is the only one that includes live-action video (although this doesn’t appear to be 100% accurate as the DriversEd.com course does include a few). While this is a nice touch, the vast majority of the content is typical of most online courses: text, graphics, and a few animations.


Note to Texas and Florida residents: TeenDrivingCourse.com uses the American Safety Council’s DATA course for Florida.

The TeenDrivingCourse.com’s online course, in our opinion, is a little better laid out than the DriversEd.com course. However, the cartoonish animations seem a little age-inappropriate for 15 and 16 year olds. There’s nothing offensive or inappropriate content-wise, it just seems that this age group may not respond very well to cartoon-y avatars.

Price: $35 – $150 depending on the state. However, the course that TeenDrivingCourse.com created (originally for California) is $55


  • Nice presentation
  • Good organization


  • Cartoon-y avatars and animations may seem a little childish to some teens

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